Grandimpianti GDZ

Industri tørretumblere i kapacitetsvarianterne 55-100 kg


Industrial tumble dryers for large loads capacity

Versatile drying equipment


This family of gas, electric and steam tumble dryers ensures the perfect drying of linen as well as a lower consumption of energy. These high capacity dryers are versatile, ergonomic, simple and reliable: the essential tool for a daily efficient drying process of piles of laundry.


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Tekniske specifikationer

Egenskab GDZ1090 GDZ1500
Produkt Navn Grandimpianti GDZ1090 Grandimpianti GDZ1500
Netto Vægt 813 kg 1135 kg
Lågeåbning 890 mm 890 mm
Bredde 136 cm 136 cm
Dybde 170 cm 193 cm
Højde 226 cm 226 cm
Kapacitet fyldningsforhold 1:20 55 kg 70 kg
Tromle volumen (dm3) 1089 1486
Støjniveau (dB) <74 dB <74 dB
Betalingssystem Alle typer eksterne systemer Alle typer eksterne systemer